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This Weekend On IWTV: Wrestling Open, Without A Cause and more!

This Weekend On IWTV: Wrestling Open, Without A Cause and more!

Seven event streams live on IWTV this weekend featuring shows from Wrestling Open, NSPW, Intergender Bonanza, PWF (TX), DOA, Without A Cause and GALLI Lucha.

Thursday, 11/3, 8pm EDT - Wrestling Open Episode 44

  • Eliminator Cup: Miracle Generation (c) vs Shook Crew
  • Brad Hollister vs Ichiban
  • Steven Stetson vs Tyree Taylor
  • Dan Barry vs Ray Jaz

Friday, 11/4, 8pm EDT - NSPW presents Standing 30

  • Matt Falco and Alex Silva vs Mike Marston and Kevin Blanchard
  • Alex Shelley vs Matt Angel
  • Yayne Harrison vs Benjamin Tull
  • Standing 30 Rumble

Saturday, 11/5, 8pm EDT - Intergender Bonanza Rumble 2

  • Reid Walker vs Davienne
  • Marc Angel vs Kasey Kirk
  • Rob Chase vs Lady Blakely
  • Marcus Mathers vs Adena Steele vs Brittany Blake vs Steve Scott vs Gabby Ortiz vs Darien Hardway vs Ty Awesome vs Siceno

Saturday, 11/5, 8pm EDT - PWF (TX) presents Burnout

  • Premier Championship, TLC Match: Kenny Kalypso vs AWOL vs Maniac
  • Woman's Premier Championship: Raychell Rose vs Maris Blair vs Mia Friday
  • PWF Lonestar Championship: El Valdivia vs T-Ray vs BD Brawley vs Lil Papi vs Tommy Bolton
  • PWF Tag Team Championship: The Bulldogs vs Legion
  • Chris Carter vs JJ Blake
  • Lowrider vs Diego De La Cruz
  • Savage King vs Brick Savage
  • Jus Nick vs Jase Onsei

Saturday, 11/5, 10:30pm EDT - DOA presents We Are The Weirdos Mister

  • Wasteland War Party (Heidi Howitzer and Max The Impaler) vs Most Violent (Drexl and Funny Bone)
  • Jaiden vs Steve Migs
  • Sonico vs El Chupacabra
  • DOA Grand Championship: Rebel Kel (c) vs Keita Murray
  • Drake Kwon vs Max Burnside vs Pitfall Jones vs Abigail Warren
  • Amira vs Dean Cooper
  • The Bash Bros vs Konami Code
  • The Academy vs High 5 and Flamin Aces
  • Sandra Moone vs Zeb Saint

Sunday, 11/6, 5pm EDT - Without A Cause presents Year 4

  • WAC Championship: Keita Murray (c) vs Max The Impaler
  • Stallions Championship: Jordan Cruz (c) vs Pitfalls Jones
  • State Of Emergency and Sonico vs The Sweethearts (Rebel Kel, Sandra Moone and Abigail Warren)
  • Nick Wayne vs Steve Migs
  • Al Jepsen vs Dale Springs
  • C4 vs The Bash Bros
  • Drexl vs El Chupacabra vs Heidi Howitzer vs Kris Brady vs Carl Randers
  • Jaiden vs Max Burnside
  • Malcolm Phlex vs Rook Kelly
  • Rashad Tyson vs Mickey Mantoya

Sunday, 11/6, 6:30pm EDT - GALLI Lucha 526

Watch all six streams live with your IWTV subscription.