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Black Label Pro's Turbo Graps 16 tournament set to highlight the future of independent wrestling

Black Label Pro's Turbo Graps 16 tournament set to highlight the future of independent wrestling

Black Label Pro's huge Turbo Graps 16 Tournament takes place on Saturday, September 21st here on IWTV. The one day, two show, event features fifteen of the best independent wrestlers on the scene today and an unknown mystery entrant. Let's take a look at the field.

Wheeler YUTA

One of the most gifted technical wrestlers in independent wrestling today, Wheeler YUTA makes his long awaited Black Label Pro debut at Turbo Graps 16. A late entrant and tournament tested wrestler, YUTA could slide in under the radar and win the tournament.

Erick Stevens

A veteran on a mission, Stevens has hit the road hard since coming back from a decade long layoff, competing against a who's who of the independent scene in 2019. HIs hard hitting, forward moving style makes him a serious contender to win it all.

Jeremy Wyatt

Wyatt is the number two contender to the IWTV Championship, and current Gateway Heritage Champion. He had to earn his way into the tournament by winning a battle royal a couple of months back and is not at all happy about it. He gets his chance to prove his critics wrong at Turbo Graps 16.

Lucky Kid

European wrestling standout Lucky Kid makes his BLP debut at Turbo Graps 16. One of the most unusual wrestlers on the scene today, Kid's eccentricity and speed will be hard for his opponent(s) to grapple with.

Jody Fleisch

Fleisch is a United Kingdom independent wrestling legend and one of the most innovative high flyers of the last twenty years. His unique combination of experience and dynamism makes him well positioned to make a deep run in the tournament.

Matthew Justice

Perhaps the biggest risk taker in the Turbo Graps 16 tourney, Justice's all or nothing style is almost impossible to prepare for. Can he parlay his wild and reckless style into a tournament victory on 9/21?

Ethan Page

"All Ego" is one of the most versatile and well rounded competitors in the field. The former Black Label Pro Champion and current Freelance Wrestling World Champion has to be considered one of the favorites to win the tournament.

Tom Lawlor

Lawlor was the first ever Black Label Pro Champion and has been a mainstay with the promotion from day one. His MMA background and unorthodox style give him an unique edge over the competition.

Nick Gage

The most dangerous man in wrestling, Gage is a true fighter. Every match he's in is a battle for survival and almost nothing is off limits. Gage is always in it to win it....if he doesn't get DQ'ed for breaking a light tube over his opponents head first.

Gary Jay

Gary Jay is on a hot streak, having bested Tom Lawlor, Alex Zayne and career rival Warhorse in a BLP ring in the last two months. One of the toughest wrestlers on the independent scene today, Jay could easily walk out the winner on September 21st.

Carlos Romo

One half of Team Whitewolf, Romo comes to Turbo Graps 16 looking to become a breakout star in the United States just as he has in Europe. A skilled technician and high flyer, Romo could well steal the shows.

Allie Kat

Allie became the wealthiest feline in wrestling history by virtue of winning a million dollar battle royal at Adventures In Wrestling. Since then her attitude has changed as she's used her financial windfall to help secure victories with the assistance of her first round opponent Danny Adams. Will we see a tail poke of doom?

Jake Something

Something is making his BLP debut at Turbo Graps 16 and is looking to make an immediate impact. Almost certainly the most powerful man in the field, Something will have to get past Nick Gage in round one if he wants to win it all, but his strength makes him a serious threat.

Danny Adams

Perpetual pest Danny Adams has been doing the bidding of Allie Kat for months. Will the payoffs keep coming in the first round?


Warhorse is a major fan favorite and one of the most decorated wrestlers in the Midwest over the last year. That said, he has lost three straight matches in Black Label Pro. Will he be able to turn things around at Turbo Graps 16?


A mystery competitor will take on Erick Stevens in first round action at Turbo Graps 16. Who will it be?

Turbo Graps 16 airs live here on IWTV on Saturday, September 21 with the first show starting at 1pm EDT and the second show beginning at 4:30pm EDT.