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IWTV Timeline: The Independent Wrestling Championship

IWTV Timeline: The Independent Wrestling Championship

Since 2017, the IWTV Independent Wrestling World Championship has emerged as a unifying force on the indie wrestling scene. In that time, the Independent Wrestling Championship has been defended in 29 promotions, in 21 different states (and Canada), against dozens of different opponents.

In August of 2021 the Championship was officially recognized as a World Title by Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

Nine wrestlers have held the IWTV Independent Wrestling World Championship:

  1. Jonathan Gresham: 126 Days, 7 Defenses
  2. Tracy Williams: 309 Days, 17 Defenses
  3. Orange Cassidy: 146 Days, 16 Defenses
  4. Kris Statlander 14 Days, 1 Defense
  5. Orange Cassidy 104 Days, 6 Defenses
  6. Erick Stevens 1 Day, 2 Defenses
  7. Warhorse 532 Days, 45 Defenses
  8. Lee Moriarty 62 Days, 3 Defenses
  9. Wheeler YUTA 155 Days, 6 Defenses
  10. Alex Shelley Current Champion

All of them have been excellent representatives of independent wrestling and their combined efforts have served to make the IWTV Championship what it is today.

Recently IWTV debuted a new title design for the Independent Wrestling Championship. This new design honors and reflects the history of the championship, as the wrestlers that have held the Championship are engraved into the sideplates of the title. New plates will continue to be added as new champions are crowned, making the championship an evolving monument to its own history.

Below is a complete and chronological list of Independent Wrestling Championship matches. You will find that the title has already been defended against brawlers, mat wrestling specialists, high flyers, veterans, up-and-comers, and all points in between.

Jonathan Gresham vs Joey Lynch - IWTV Futures, Old Forge, Pennsylvania, 10/22/17

01: Jonathan Gresham (c) vs Flip Gordon - Beyond Wrestling, Apocalypse Dudes, Worcester, Massachusetts, 10/29/17

02: Jonathan Gresham (c) vs Nick Gage - IWTV Wazzup, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 11/25/17

03: Jonathan Gresham (c) vs Sonjay Dutt - NOVA Pro, Such Great Heights, Annandale, Virginia, 12/28/17

04: Jonathan Gresham (c) vs Tracy Williams - Beyond Wrestling, Heavy Lies the Crown, Worcester, Massachusetts, 12/31/17

05: Jonathan Gresham (c) vs Mike Quackenbush - Beyond Wrestling, Spirit Of 76, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1/27/18

06: Jonathan Gresham (c) vs Martin Stone - Beyond Wrestling, WWR Pre-Game Show, Worcester, Massachusetts, 1/28/18

07: Jonathan Gresham (c) vs Martin Stone vs Tracy Williams - Beyond Wrestling, Abbondanza, Worcester, Massachusetts, 2/25/18

New Champion: "Hot Sauce" Tracy Williams

08: Tracy Williams (c) vs Colt Cabana - Beyond Wrestling, Hope, East Greenwich, Rhode Island, 3/18/18

09: Tracy Williams (c) vs Kimber Lee - Beyond Wrestling, Lit Up, Kenner, Louisiana, 4/5/18

10: Tracy Williams (c) vs Joey Janela - Beyond Wrestling, Welcome Home, Worcester, Massachusetts, 4/29/18

11: Tracy Williams (c) vs Jonathan Gresham vs Logan Easton LaRoux - NOVA Pro, Threat Of Joy, Annandale, Virginia, 5/11/18

12: Tracy Williams (c) vs Tessa Blanchard - Women's Wrestling Revolution, All Day, Worcester, Massachusetts, 5/27/18

13: Tracy Williams (c) vs Arik Royal - ACTION Wrestling, ACTION For The Armed Forces, Tyrone, Georgia, 6/29/18

14: Tracy Williams (c) vs Arik Royal - NOVA Pro, American Slang 18, Fairfax, Virginia, 7/6/18

15: Tracy Williams (c) vs Wheeler YUTA - Beyond Wrestling, Americanrana 2018, Worcester, Massachusetts, 7/29/18

16: Tracy Williams (c) vs Shotzi Blackheart - Women's Wrestling Revolution, Facelift, Worcester, Massachusetts, 8/26/18

17: Tracy Williams (c) vs Tom Lawlor - Beyond Wrestling, Somebody's Farewell, Probably, East Greenwich, Rhode Island, 9/16/18

18: Tracy Williams (c) vs Jordynne Grace - NOVA Pro Project 4, Fairfax, Virginia, 9/21/18

19: Tracy Williams (c) vs Kevin Ku - Southern Underground Pro, Don't Look In The Basement East, Nashville, Tennessee, 9/23/18

20: Tracy Williams (c) vs Travis Huckabee - Beyond Wrestling, Please Come Back, Worcester, Massachusetts, 9/30/18

21: Tracy Williams (c) vs Tony Deppen - TRUE Wrestling, Pursuit To The Top, Berwick, Pennsylvania, 10/6/18

22: Tracy Williams (c) vs Kobe Durst - Freelance Wrestling, Too Legit To Quit, Chicago, Illinois, 12/14/18

23: Tracy Williams (c) vs Hallowicked - Beyond Wrestling, Extreme Warfare Revenge, East Greenwich, Rhode Island, 12/16/18

24: Tracy Williams (c) vs Orange Cassidy - Beyond Wrestling, Heavy Lies The Crown 18, Worcester, Massachusetts, 12/31/18

New Champion: "Freshly Squeezed" Orange Cassidy

25: Orange Cassidy (c) vs Eddie Kingston - St. Louis Anarchy, Gateway To Anarchy 2018, Alton, Illinois, 1/11/19

26: Orange Cassidy (c) vs Tommy Boy Floyd - TRUE Wrestling, Beginnings, Berwick, Pennsylvania, 1/12/19

27: Orange Cassidy (c) vs Puf - Wild/Zero, Love Will Tear Us Apart, Syracuse, New York, 1/13/19

28: Orange Cassidy (c) vs Bobby Shields - Flying V Fights, Fight Or Flight, Silver Spring, Maryland, 1/25/19

29: Orange Cassidy (c) vs Stokely Hathaway - IWTV Grammys Street Fight, Parking Garage In An Undisclosed Location, 2/10/19

30: Orange Cassidy (c) vs Chris Dickinson - ICW New York, Party And Bullshit, Queens, New York, 2/15/19

31: Orange Cassidy (c) vs John Silver - NYWC, Psycho Circus 17, Long Island, New York, 2/23/19

32: Orange Cassidy (c) vs Tom Lawlor - Black Label Pro, Whoomp! There It Is, Crown Point, Indiana, 3/9/19

33: Orange Cassidy (c) vs Puf vs Joey Ryan vs Dick Justice vs Anthony Greene - Wild/Zero, Ceremony, Syracuse, New York, 3/17/19

34: Orange Cassidy (c) vs Darin Corbin - F1RST Wrestling, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 3/21/19

35: Orange Cassidy (c) vs Jonathan Gresham - IWTV Family Reunion, Jersey City, New Jersey, 4/4/19

36: Orange Cassidy (c) vs Bryan Alvarez - Black Label Pro, Adventures In Wrestling, Jersey City, New Jersey, 4/5/19

37: Orange Cassidy (c) vs Kylie Rae - Beyond Wrestling, Uncharted Territory Episode Three, Worcester, Massachusetts, 4/17/19

38: Orange Cassidy (c) vs Jordynne Grace - Beyond Wrestling, Uncharted Territory Episode Six, Worcester, Massachusetts, 5/8/19

39: Orange Cassidy (c) vs Joey Janela - ICW New York, What's Beef?, New York City, New York, 5/18/19

40: Orange Cassidy (c) vs Kris Statlander - IWTV Midwest Mixtape, Chicago, Illinois, 5/26/19

New Champion Kris Statlander

41: Kris Statlander (c) vs Kimber Lee vs Orange Cassidy - Beyond Wrestling Secret Show, Boston, Massachusetts, 6/9/19

New Champion "Freshly Squeezed" Orange Cassidy

42: Orange Cassidy (c) vs Hallowicked - Flying V Fights: Sweet Summer Heat, Silver Spring, Maryland, 7/13/19

43: Orange Cassidy (c) vs Kikutaro, Best Two Out Of Three Falls - ICW New York, Respect The Game, Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, 7/27/19

44: Orange Cassidy (c) vs RD Evans - Beyond Wrestling Americanrana 19, Mashantucket, Connecticut, 7/28/19

45: Orange Cassidy (c) vs Shawn From Michael's - Xtremely Serious Wrestling Show Of Honor: For Love Or Money, New York City, New York, 8/24/19

46: Orange Cassidy (c) vs Erick Stevens - Black Label Pro Turbo Graps 16, Summit, Illinois, 9/21/19

New Champion Erick Stevens

47: Erick Stevens (c) vs Jake Something vs Tom Lawlor vs Gary Jay - Black Label Pro Turbo Graps 16, Summit, Illinois, 9/21/19

48: Erick Stevens (c) vs Warhorse - Black Label Pro Turbo Graps 16, Summit, Illinois, 9/21/19

New Champion Warhorse

49: Warhorse (c) vs Wheeler YUTA vs DL Hurst - Beyond Wrestling All Hands On Deck, Westerly, Rhode Island, 9/22/19

50: Warhorse (c) vs Alan Angels - Action Wrestling Founders Day Festival, Tyrone, Georgia, 10/5/19

51: Warhorse (c) vs Joey Lynch - Clash At Carpet City 2, Dalton, Georgia, 10/5/19

52: Warhorse (c) vs Matthew Justice - Southern Underground Pro You're Next, Nashville, Tennessee, 10/6/19

53 Warhorse (c) vs Orange Cassidy - Beyond Wrestling Soddom And Gomorrah, Asbury Park, New Jersey, 10/12/19

54 Warhorse (c) vs Gary Jay - Bizarro Lucha Bizarro Gaga, Indianapolis, Indiana, 10/13/19

55 Warhorse (c) vs Shank Barzini - Zero1 USA, Mattoon, Illinois, 10/19/19

56 Warhorse (c) vs AJ Gray - ACTION Wrestling For God's Sake Kick Out!, Tyrone, Georgia, 10/25/19

57 Warhorse (c) vs Anthony Henry - Tank's Scenic City Throwdown, Sale Creek, Tennessee, 10/26/19

58 Warhorse (c) vs Rey Fury - New South The Saga Continues, Hartselle, Alabama, 11/2/19

59 Warhorse (c) vs Curt Stallion - St. Louis Anarchy No Church In The Wild, Alton, Illinois, 11/8/19

60.Warhorse (c) vs Tony Deppen - Black Label Pro Slamilton, Crown Point, Indiana, 11/16/19

61 Warhorse (c) vs Danhausen vs Mark Wheeler - Alpha-1 Wrestling Final Act, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, 11/17/19

62. Warhorse (c) vs Jaden Newman (Two Out Of Three Falls) - TWE Chattanooga, Red Bank, Tennessee, 11/23/19

63. Warhorse (c) vs John Silver - Limitless Wrestling Twilight Zone, Yarmouth, Maine, 11/29/19

64. Warhorse (c) vs Scotty Wylde vs Hermit Crab - Blitzkrieg Pro, Westfield, Massachusetts, 11/30/19

65. Warhorse (c) vs Chris Crunk - New South Winter Warz Rumble, Hartselle, Alabama, 12/14/19

66. Warhorse (c) vs Josh Briggs - Beyond Wrestling Uncharted Territory Season 2 Finale, Worcester, Massachusetts, 12/26/19

67. Warhorse (c) vs Ophidian - Flying V Fights The Hardest Part Of The Ring, Silver Spring, Maryland, 12/27/19

68. Warhorse (c) vs KTB - Synergy Wrestling WARHORSE'S Big Bad Bitchin' Christmas Party, Hillsborough, New Jersey, 12/28/19

69. Warhorse (c) vs Manders - Beyond Wrestling Heavy Lies The Crown, Worcester, Massachusetts, 12/31/19

70. Warhorse (c) vs Angel Dorado vs Devon Monroe vs Riley Jackson vs Caleb Konley vs Atomic Super Thunderfrog - F1RST Wrestling Wrestlapalooza XVI, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1/3/20

71. Warhorse (c) vs JDX vs Ryan Cruz vs Heavy Metal Lore - F1RST Wrestling Wrestlepalooza XVII, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1/4/20

72. Warhorse (c) vs Fred Yehi - St. Louis Anarchy Gateway To Anarchy, Alton, Illinois, 1/10/20

73. Warhorse (c) vs Nick Iggy - ACTION Wrestling Streets Of Rage, Tyrone, Georgia, 1/11/20

74. Warhorse (c) vs Wesley Crane - Anarchy Championship Wrestling, Austin, Texas, 1/12/20

75. Warhorse (c) vs Kylie Rae - Black Label Pro Nobody Puts BLP In A Corner, Crown Point, Indiana, 1/18/20

76. Warhorse (c) vs Daniel Makabe - Without A Cause, Everett, Washington, 1/19/20

77. Warhorse (c) vs Bradley Prescott IV - Paradigm Pro Wrestling So Far Gone, Sellersburg, Indiana, 1/24/20

78. Warhorse (c) vs Isaias Velazquez vs Tony Deppen vs Arik Cannon - Freelance Wrestling Send In The Clowns, Chicago, Illinois, 2/7/20

79. Warhorse (c) vs Tommy Vendetta - Mr. Chainsaw Pro Wrestling 13th Anniversary Event, East Jordan, Michigan, 2/8/20

80. Warhorse (c) vs Calvin Tankman - Bizarro Lucha A Cold Dead Body In The Woods, Indianapolis, Indiana, 2/9/20

81. Warhorse (c) vs Mike Bailey - Alpha-1 Wrestling Deady Encounter, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, 2/16/20

82. Warhorse (c) vs Aaron Williams - Journey Pro Space Age Love Song 2, Overland Park, Kansas, 2/20/20

83. Warhorse (c) vs Rip Byson - Limitless Wrestling Practice What You Preach, Yarmouth, Maine, 2/22/20

84. Warhorse (c) vs Effy - Black Label Pro Quantum Leap, Crown Point, Indiana, 2/29/20

85. Warhorse (c) vs Kobe Durst vs Alex Zayne vs Colt Cabana - Freelance Wrestling Lucky Punks, Chicago, Illinois, 3/6/20

86. Warhorse (c) vs Rickey Shane Page - Beyond Wrestling Two Weeks Notice, Atlantic City, New Jersey, 7/26/20

87. Warhorse (c) vs A Very Good Professional Wrestler - Black Label Pro Erick Stevens presents Professional Wrestling, Crown Point, Indiana, 8/22/20

88. Warhorse (c) vs Frightmare - Synergy Wrestling's 3rd Birthday Party, Paulsboro, New Jersey, 9/26/20

89. Warhorse (c) vs Joshua Bishop - Black Label Pro Turbo Graps 16 2020, Crown Point, Indiana, 10/3/20

90. Warhorse (c) vs Zachary Wentz - Glory Pro Are You Wrestling, Son?, Indianapolis, Indiana, 10/11/20

91. Warhorse (c) vs Violence - Camp Leapfrog Things That Go Bump In The Ring, 10/29/20

92. Warhorse (c) vs JDX - F1RST Wrestling, St. Paul, Minnesota, 2/21/21

93. Warhorse (c) vs Genkai (Lee Moriarty) - New South 2021 HOSS Tournament, Hanceville, AL, 3/6/21

New Champion Lee Moriarty

94. Lee Moriarty (c) vs Edith Surreal - IWTV Family Reunion, Tampa, FL, 4/8/21

95. Lee Moriarty (c) vs Starboy Charlie - F1RST Wrestling, St. Paul, Minnesota, 4/25/21

96. Lee Moriarty (c) vs Wheeler YUTA - Beyond Wrestling Project Reality, Worcester, Massachusetts, 5/6/21

New Champion Wheeler YUTA

97. Wheeler YUTA (c) vs Lee Moriarty vs Dave Cole - Beyond Wrestling Project Dolphin, Worcester, Massachusetts, (6/2/21)

98. Wheeler YUTA (c) vs Willow Nightingale - Beyond Wrestling Masterclass, Worcester, Massachusetts, (7/1/21)

99. Wheeler YUTA (c) vs Killian McMurphy - ECWA Women's Super 8 Tournament, Paulsboro, New Jersey (7/31/21)

100. Wheeler YUTA (c) vs Daniel Garcia - IWTV 100, Williamstown, New Jersey (8/8/21)

101. Wheeler YUTA (c) vs Leyla Hirsch - Beyond Wrestling Uncharted Territory Season 3 Episode 1, Worcester, Massachusetts (10/7/21)

102. Wheeler YUTA (c) vs Alex Shelley - IWTV Untitled, Williamstown, New Jersey (10/8/21)

New Champion Alex Shelley

103. Alex Shelley (c) vs John Wayne Murdoch - Expect The Unexpected 1, Ridgefield Park, New Jersey (12/3/21)

104. Alex Shelley (c) vs Ruby Soho - Beyond Wrestling Fete Forever, Providence, Rhode Island (12/5/21)