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THIS WEEKEND ON IWTV: 2022 Scenic City Invitational, Freelance and more!

THIS WEEKEND ON IWTV: 2022 Scenic City Invitational, Freelance and more!

Seven events stream live on IWTV this week including shows from Wrestling Open, TWE, Northern Federation Of Wrestling, Freelance and the 2022 Scenic City Invitational (SCI) weekend.

Thursday, 8/4, 8pm EDT - Wrestling Open Episode 31:

  • Eliminator Cup Semi Final: Stetson Ranch vs Miracle Generation
  • Eliminator Cup Semi Final: Brick City Boys vs Waves And Curls
  • Alec Price vs Brian Johnson
  • Shook Crew vs Channing Thomas and JP Grayson

Thursday, 8/4, 8pm EDT - TWE presents The Night Before:

  • Jaden Newman vs Manders
  • Rico Gonzalez vs Billie Starkz
  • Tank vs Pete Youngblood
  • Noah Hossman vs Bobby Flaco

Friday, 8/5, 7:30pm EDT - Scenic City Invitational Night One:

  • First Round: Billie Starkz vs Robert Martyr
  • First Round: Eli Knight vs Myron Reed
  • First Round: Hoodfoot vs Orion Bishop
  • First Round: Damyan Tangra vs Daniel Makabe
  • First Round: Cole Radrick vs Adam Priest
  • First Round: Jaden Newman vs Ashton Starr
  • First Round: Manders vs Masha Slamovich
  • First Round: Dominic Garrini vs Kevin Ku

Friday, 8/5, 8pm EDT - Northern Federation Of Wrestling presents Summer Haze:

  • Kidd Bandit vs AKIRA
  • Yoya vs Marcus Mathers
  • Reid Walker vs Ace Perry
  • Mike Skyros vs Levi Everett
  • Austin Luke vs Griffin McCoy
  • Cole Karter vs Brett Ryan Gosselin
  • Vlog Bro University vs Waves And Curls vs Miracle Generation
  • Ellis Taylor vs Jordan Oliver

Friday, 8/5, 9pm EDT - Freelance presents Cheap Pop:

  • Freelance Championship: Storm Grayson (c) vs Robert Anthony
  • Freelance Legacy Championship: Bryan Keith (c) vs Koko Lane
  • Freelance Tag Team Championship: Bang Bros (c) vs Mark Wheeler and Taylor Rising
  • Effy vs Jah-C
  • Dan The Dad vs Project MONIX
  • Darin Corbin vs Kylie Rae
  • Angel Escalera vs Bucky Collins vs Ethan Price vs Koda Hernandez vs Devon Monroe vs Craig Mitchell

Saturday, 8/6, 2pm EDT - ACTION/Scenic City Futures Showcase Tournament:

  • First Round: Billy Tipton vs BK Westbrook vs Jeffrey John
  • First Round: Brogan Finlay vs Rico Gonzalez vs Zach Mosley
  • First Round: Noah Hossman vs Lobo Okami vs Proc The Croc
  • Hardway Heeter vs Merrik Donovan

Saturday, 8/6, 7:30pm EDT - Scenic City Invitational Night Two:

  • IWTV Independent Wrestling World Champion AC Mack vs Futures Showcase Winner
  • The Semi Finals and Finals of the 2022 SCI and more!

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