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The Monarch vs The King - Jeremy Wyatt fights Nick Gage at St. Louis Anarchy's Gateway To Anarchy

The Monarch vs The King - Jeremy Wyatt fights Nick Gage at St. Louis Anarchy's Gateway To Anarchy

This Friday night (1/10) at 7;30pm CST/8:30pm EST St. Louis Anarchy presents their first event of 2020, Gateway To Anarchy, live on IWTV. The show features two major title matches and several other slugfests. Let's take a look at what's on tap for Friday night.

  • For well over a year, Jeremy Wyatt has been the Gateway Heritage Champion. He has successfully defended the title twenty-six times, defeating some of independent wrestling's biggest names and toughest men along the way. But he's never fought Nick Gage. After picking up huge victories over both Gary Jay and WARHORSE in 2019, Gage called out the champ and questioned the validity of his reliance on the Pure Wrestling rule set to keep his title. Wyatt agreed to wave the rules and now at Gateway To Anarchy, Jeremy Wyatt must defend the GHC against Nick Gage in a fight. It's The Monarch vs The King on Friday night!

  • WARHORSE has now set the record for the most defenses of the IWTV Independent Wrestling Championship, but with an increasingly demanding schedule and the highest level of competition standing in front of him every time out, is the champ running out of steam? At Gateway To Anarchy he'll be put to the test yet again, when he battles one of the most well conditioned technicians in the world, Fred Yehi.

  • Curt Stallion returned to St. Louis Anarchy and laid down a challenge to any of the four pillars of St. Louis Wrestling (WARHORSE, Gary Jay, Mat Fitchett and Davey Vega). WARHORSE stepped up, put the IWTV Independent Wrestling Championship on the line and defeated The Lone Star. Friday night Stallion looks to rebound against the heart and soul of Spaulding Hall, Gary Jay.

  • The Besties In The World have long been synonymous with tag team wrestling in the Midwest and 2019 saw their star shine bright all over the world. With talk of a tag team championship coming to St. Louis Anarchy in the near future, The Besties look to establish themselves as the definitive front runners in the race for that title when they compete against the big lads tandem of Larry D and "Big Beef" Gnarls Garvin.

  • Both Thomas Shire and Aaron Williams established themselves as legit players in St. Louis Anarchy during 2019. The two heavy hitters collide at Gateway To Anarchy.

  • "Sharkbait" Anthony Gutierrez heads into his fight Friday night with an unblemished record in St. Louis Anarchy. Will he be able to maintain his momentum when he faces off against another striker with knockout power, Chip Day?

  • At No Church In The Wild, Angelus Layne returned to St. Louis Anarchy and shockingly aligned herself with Greg Jovi. At Gateway To Anarchy, Layne teams with Jovi disciples Jake Dirden and Christian Rose to battle the fan favorite trio of Everett Connors, Evan Gelistico and Billie Starkz.

  • Two of the top prospects in the Midwest today square off when Cole Radrick competes against The Kenway.

  • Seishin and Kenny Alfonso team up to take on Ace Perry and Deacon Cash.

Gateway To Anarchy streams LIVE here on IWTV Friday night (1/10) at 7;30pm CST/8:30pm EST.