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MATCH GUIDE: ICW No Holds Barred, Expect The Unexpected and more!

MATCH GUIDE: ICW No Holds Barred, Expect The Unexpected and more!

Eight events stream live on IWTV this weekend featuring shows from Wrestling Open, Expect The Unexpected, SOS, GCW, Circle 6, ICW NHB, SHP and Without A Cause. Plus another huge H2O event streams live on Monday night.

This weekends slate includes the beginning of the T4 Summit to crown the first independent wrestling tag team champions, international death match icon Joel Bateman defending the American Deathmatch Championship against number one contender Kasey Kirk, Circle 6's IWTV debut and more.

Thursday, 9/8, 8pm EDT - Wrestling Open streams LIVE on IWTV!

  • Steven Stetson vs Tyree Taylor
  • SLADE vs Vincent
  • Bobby Orlando vs BRG
  • Ray Jaz vs Ryan Clancy
  • GPA vs Channing Thomas

Friday, 9/9, 8pm EDT - Expect The Unexpected presents New History LIVE on IWTV!

  • Key To The East Championship Tournament First Round: AKIRA vs Alec Price vs Mike Bailey vs Gabriel Skye
  • Key To The East Championship Tournament First Round: Marcus Mathers vs Matt Tremont
  • Key To The East Championship Tournament First Round: Danny Demanto vs Scoot Andrews
  • Key To The East Championship Tournament First Round: Masha Slamovich vs Brandon Kirk
  • SB Kento vs La Estrella
  • T4 Summit First Round: Violence Is Forever vs Mane Event

Friday, 9/9, 11pm EDT - SOS presents Cast Away LIVE on IWTV!

  • SOS Pro Wrestling Championship: Steve Migs (c) vs Cabana Man Dan
  • Luther vs Dean Cooper
  • Liiza Hall vs Rebel Kel
  • SOS Tag Team Championship: Re:Loaded (c) vs Double Impact
  • Kikyo vs Robyn Renegade
  • Carl Randers and Ethan HD vs The Academy

Saturday, 9/10, 2pm EDT - GCW Settlement Series 3 streams on IWTV

  • Wrestlers

Saturday, 9/10, 7:30pm EDT - Circle 6 Soon As I Get Home streams LIVE on IWTV!

  • Hardcore Match: Vinnie Massaro vs Otis Cogar
  • Vincent Nothing vs Kevin Giza
  • plus Atticus Cogar, PUF, Jeff Cannonball, Gregory Iron, Kody Lane, Eric Ryan, Bobby Beverly and more!

Saturday, 9/10, 8pm EDT - ICW No Holds Barred Vol. 32 streams LIVE on IWTV!

  • American Deathmatch Championship: Joel Bateman (c) vs Kasey Kirk
  • Matt Tremont vs Big F'N Joe
  • SLADE vs York
  • AKIRA vs Danny Darko
  • Manders vs Hoodfoot
  • Jordan Samson vs Casanova Valentine
  • Chris Bradley vs Kristian Ross
  • Brandon Kirk vs Scoot Andrews

Sunday, 9/11, 4pm EDT - SHP presents And Justice For All 2 LIVE on IWTV!

  • Barbed Wire: Colby Corino vs Joel Bateman 2 Cold Scorpio vs The Chad
  • Matt Tremont vs Brandon Kirk
  • APW Championship: York vs Jordan Samson vs Jimmy Lloyd
  • Otis Cogar vs Deklan Grant
  • Lucky 13 vs Casey Carrington
  • Riley Rose vs Marcus Mathers
  • Casanova Productions vs Austin Luke, Reid Walker and Ryan Redfield
  • Stan Stylez Open Challenge

Sunday, 9/11, 7pm EDT - Without A Cause presents CasGayDia LIVE on IWTV!

  • Tables Match: Money, Power And Respect vs LVMS vs The Bash Bros
  • Jaiden vs Nick Zander
  • Dark Sheik vs Sonico
  • PrideStyle Championship: Sandra Moone (c) vs Max The Impaler
  • Zeb Saint vs Abigail Warren vs Kikyo vs Kris Brady
  • Jody Himself vs Max Burnside
  • Anton Voorhees vs Parm
  • Without A Cause Championship: Keita (c) vs Ashton Starr

Monday, 9/12, 8pm EDT - H2O presents Monday Night Death Vol. 3 LIVE on IWTV!

  • Danny Havoc Hardcore Championship, Stairway To Hell: Lucky 13 (c) vs Brandon Kirk vs Joel Bateman
  • H2O Tag Team Championship: Manders and Ryan Redfield vs Marcus Mathers and Austin Luke vs GG Everson and Devantes vs The Rep
  • H2O Hybrid, Two Out Of Three Falls: Adonis Valerio (c) vs Reid Walker
  • Jordan Samson and York vs Kristian Ross and Chris Bradley
  • Death Match: Danny Demanto vs Matt Tremont
  • Jimmy Chondo Lyon vs Otis Cogar
  • Dog Collar Match: Myke Quest vs Terra Calaway
  • Deklan Grant vs Mouse
  • Riley Rose vs Casey Carrington

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