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Massive IWTV weekend features ICW NHB, JLIT, Americanrana, West Coast Cup

Massive IWTV weekend features ICW NHB, JLIT, Americanrana, West Coast Cup

This weekend is one of the biggest of the year on IWTV, with ten major events from Wrestling Open, West Coast Pro, AIW, ICW No Holds Barred and Beyond.

The lineup includes a huge ICW doubleheader in Chicago featuring their first mystery death match event, two major tournaments with AIW's JT Lightning Invitational and West Coast Pro's first ever West Coast Cup, Wrestling Open's first non-Thursday night special event and the stacked Americanrana 22: Blackout show from Beyond Wrestling.

Thursday, 8/18, 8pm EDT - Wrestling Open Episode 33

  • Ichiban vs Danny Miles
  • Locked And Loaded vs The Hispanic Mechanics
  • Shook Crew vs The Graysons
  • Rip Byson vs Pedro Dones

Thursday, 8/18, 10pm EDT - Night One of The West Coast Cup streams LIVE on IWTV!

  • West Coast Pro Championship: Jacob Fatu (c) vs Mike Bailey
  • First Round: Titus Alexander vs Chris Sabin
  • First Round: Masha Slamovich vs Alpha Zo
  • First Round: Levi Shapiro vs Davey Richards
  • First Round: Bryan Keith vs Nick Wayne
  • First Round: Gravity vs Viento
  • First Round: Starboy Charlie vs D-Rogue
  • First Round: Jorel Nelson vs Vinnie Massaro

Friday, 8/19, 7:30pm EDT - AIW presents the 2022 JT Lightning Invitational LIVE on IWTV!

  • First Round: Casey Carrington vs Ernest Miller
  • First Round: Eric Taylor vs Eric Young
  • First Round: Cheech vs Wes Barkley
  • First Round: Chuck Stone vs Arthur McArthur
  • First Round: Marino Tenaglia vs Joseline Navarro
  • First Round: Colin Delaney vs Dalton Castle
  • First Round: Philly Collins vs Isaiah Broner
  • First Round: Jackson Stone vs Kaplan
  • First Round: Dominic Garrini vs Adam Priest
  • First Round: Alec Price vs Chase Oliver
  • First Round: Mikey Montgomery vs Derek Dilliner
  • First Round: Drago vs Jack Evans

Friday, 8/19, 10pm EDT - Night Two of The West Coast Cup streams LIVE on IWTV!

  • Quarter Final: Levi Shapiro vs Starboy Charlie
  • Quarter Final: Viento vs Nick Wayne
  • Quarter Final: Masha Slamovich vs Titus Alexander
  • plus the semi finals, finals and more!

Saturday, 8/20, 3pm EDT - AIW presents Fresh Meat 2 LIVE on IWTV!

  • To Infinity And Beyond vs Members Only
  • Joshua Bishop vs Sam Holloway
  • Derek Dillinger vs Hendrix Hawkins
  • The Duke vs Austin James
  • Tyson Riggs Dominic Garrini
  • Riley Rose vs Vik Vice
  • Shaw Mason vs Wes Barkley

Saturday, 8/20, 4pm EDT - ICW No Holds Barred Volume 30: Ultraviolent Vortex streams LIVE on IWTV!

  • ICW's first mystery death match event!

Saturday, 8/20, 7:30pm EDT - AIW presents the 2022 JT Lightning Invitational Tournament LIVE on IWTV!

  • Semi Final: Jack Evans vs Marino Tenaglia vs Chase Oliver vs Derek Dillinger
  • Semi Final: Dominic Garrini vs Dalton Castle vs Ernest Miller vs Wes Barkley
  • Semi Final: Isaiah Broner vs Jackson Stone vs Eric Taylor vs Chuck Stone
  • plus the JLIT Finals & more!

Saturday, 8/20, 9pm EDT - ICW No Holds Barred Volume 31 streams LIVE on IWTV!

  • Hoodfoot vs Sadika
  • John Wayne Murdoch vs Krule
  • SHLAK vs Remington Rhor
  • Dale Patricks vs Bobby Beverly
  • The Carver vs Neil Diamond Cutter
  • Tommy Vendetta vs Danny Demanto
  • Akira vs Eric Ryan

Sunday, 8/21, 2pm EDT - Wrestling Open's No Respect streams LIVE on IWTV!

  • Eliminator Cup Final: Miracle Generation vs Brick City Boys
  • Double Down: Max Caster vs Ichiban
  • Marcus Mathers vs Ray Jaz
  • Falls Count Anywhere: Brad Hollister vs Tyree Taylor
  • Steven Stetson vs Andy Brown
  • Locked And Loaded vs The Kings Of The District
  • Rip Byson vs Pedro Dones
  • The Church Of Greatness vs Ted Goodz, LMK and Hispanic Mechanics

Sunday, 8/21, 7pm EDT - Beyond Wrestling presents Americanrana 22: Blackout LIVE on IWTV!

  • Eddie Kingston vs SLADE
  • Wheeler YUTA vs Timothy Thatcher
  • LuFisto vs Trish Adora
  • Willow Nightingale and Waves And Curls vs The Righteous
  • Masha Slamovich vs B3CCA
  • Alec Price vs Ortiz
  • Swoggle vs Sidney Bakabella
  • Rhett Titus and Tracy Williams vs Fancy Nerds (Ryan Clancy and Thomas Santell)
  • Ryan Galeone vs Rex Lawless

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