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IWTV introduces Live Stream Multi Casting - Beta Test Tonight!

IWTV introduces Live Stream Multi Casting - Beta Test Tonight!

In 2019, we had a very busy schedule. In total, IWTV live streamed over 125 events that were all included with your subscription.

Unfortunately, we realized a problem - there are only so many days in a weekend for our partner promotions to run shows.

We tried our best to keep up with the schedule conflicts by taking you from one show to the next, but we weren't satisfied with this overall experience. Plus, we hated having to choose between partners.

That's why today, we're excited to announce that in 2020, the choice is YOURS!

Join us tonight as we live stream, for the first time ever, from multiple shows at the same time!

Here's how our Multi Casting Beta Test will work:

  • St Louis Anarchy streams live at 8:30PM EST / 7:30PM CST
  • Freelance Wrestling streams live 9:00PM EST / 8:00PM CST
  • Both streams will be available on the following devices for testing: Web Browser, Android and iPhone apps
  • When both streams are live, you will then have the option to choose which show you want to tune in to.
  • From the "On Demand" page, you'll see new options that appear above the "Featured" section.
  • Feel free to bounce back and forth between shows and let us know how it works!

As always, we need your feedback! Join the conversation tonight using the hashtags #GTA20 and #Freelance2020 and let us know how the streams are and what we can do to improve the multi casting experience!