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"What's A European Round?" - We Answer Orange Cassidy's Question About His Match At Family Reunion

"What's A European Round?" - We Answer Orange Cassidy's Question About His Match At Family Reunion

IWTV's Family Reunion kicks off The Collective on Thursday (4/4) at 12pm EDT and we are getting things started with an Independent Wrestling Championship match that will see Orange Cassidy defend his title against former champion Jonathan Gresham in a European Rounds Match. Given the relatively uncommon stipulation and the confusion of the champion himself ("what's a European Round?"), we've decided to provide a brief synopsis of the rules below.

A European Rounds match consists of six rounds, each lasting for five minutes or until a fall has been decided. The first wrestler to score two pins or two submissions or knock his opponent out will be declared the winner. In the event that neither wrestler scores the required two falls or knockout, the match is ruled a draw. Typically traditional wrestling rules are more strictly applied in a European Rounds Match with referees issuing public warnings at their discretion for blatant infractions (illegal chokes, eye gouging, et.), two of which will get a wrestler disqualified. Strikes on a grounded opponent are forbidden.

Notably, matches contested under the European Rounds system are often thought of as the domain of technicians and mat wrestling specialists. While one can think of harder nosed wrestlers and even eccentric grapplers who were successful operating under this rule set, the bout would seem to favor the style of Jonathan Gresham, perhaps negating the champions advantage that Orange Cassidy enjoys.

Family Reunion tickets are available and can be purchased here.