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Casting Call: The Discovery Gauntlet Premiers At Beyond Wrestling's Uncharted Territory

Casting Call: The Discovery Gauntlet Premiers At Beyond Wrestling's Uncharted Territory

Beyond Wrestling's weekly series Uncharted Territory debuts here on IWTV.LIVE on Wednesday night, April 3, and with it a new concept - The Discovery Gauntlet.

The Discovery Gauntlet will be a staple of Uncharted Territory. Each week two wrestlers will enter the gauntlet. The winner will return to compete again the following week and will continue to do so until they are defeated. Every week the winner wins both that match, a spot on the next weeks show and sees their stock rise as they continue to establish themselves in Beyond Wrestling.

The Discovery Gauntlet will be about finding and developing new talent. Each week the match will include up-and-coming wrestlers looking to make an impact and prove they are ready to become the next generation of independent wrestling stars. The match will not only serve as a sink or swim environment for wrestlers looking to break out, but also a way for fans to discover new favorites to follow both in Beyond Wrestling and all over the independent wrestling landscape.

When Beyond Wrestling's Drew Cordeiro first announced the promotions plan to launch the Uncharted Territory series he said the following:

"For the last decade, Beyond Wrestling has been at the forefront of discovering the talented athletes who will push pro wrestling forward. Our goal with ‘Uncharted Territory’ remains the same - make the professional wrestling industry better by giving these hidden gems the platform to shine."

The Discovery Gauntlet will play a major role in finding these hidden gems, giving them the platform they deserve and replenishing the indie wrestling scene.

If you are a wrestler who is interested in being a part of The Discovery Gauntlet send a resume via email to beyondwrestlingbookings@gmail.com

Season tickets for Uncharted Territory are available and can be purchased here.