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Under The Radar: IWTV Presents 10 Shows To Watch From 2018

Under The Radar: IWTV Presents 10 Shows To Watch From 2018

IWTV houses a VOD library that features over 3000 hours of content from more than 120 different promotions in seven different countries.  With so much to watch it is easy to get overwhelmed, which is why IWTV News will periodically run features that focus on exciting and interesting events that are part of our extensive catalog. 

Today we will highlight 10 under the radar events from 2018.  These are shows that all offer something a little bit different, but may not have gotten the amount of buzz they deserved at the time of their release or are simply worth taking a closer look at again now that 2018 is in the rear view mirror. 

  • Demand Lucha, Glamour X Menace - Demand Lucha is one of the most unique promotions on the Canadian independent scene, and this show from June of 2018 illustrates why.  The card is a true variety show featuring high energy trios matches, an incredible brawl between PCO and Channing Decker, a wild scramble, a great mix of top regional and international talent and of course the Demand Lucha staple Freddie Mercurio. 
  • Scenic City Futures Showcase Tournament - This one day tournament was part of the bigger Scenic City Invitational weekend of events in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area and was designed to showcase younger regional talent and up-and-comers.  Clocking in at just over an hour, the show is a breezy watch and features one of Marko Stunt's early breakout performances, as well as strong efforts from Kevin Ku, O'Shay Edwards and others.
  • Freelance Wrestling, Stained Glass Ceilings - Freelance Wrestling had a great 2018 and it was this show that set the tone.  Stained Glass Ceilings not only saw great matches like Gary Jay vs Darin Corbin and Bucky Collins vs Isaias Velazquez, but also pivotal moments including the beginning of Anthony Henry's reign of terror and the start of the Arik Cannon/Ethan Page and GPA/Kylie Rae rivalries that would play major roles in the promotions year. 
  • Zona 23, Deshuesadero- There is no greater spectacle in pro wrestling today than a Zona 23 show.  Emanating from a junkyard, the promotion puts on a literal car crash style that mixes death match wrestling, with fast paced lucha libre action.  This November event featured Americans Reed Bentley and John Wayne Murdoch entering the fray and desperately trying to avoid being slammed through windshields.  
  • Zero1 USA, Tenkaichi Jr Tournament - There were many great independent wrestling tournaments in 2018, but this one should not be slept on.  A junior heavyweight showcase, the field included a remarkable amount of stylistic diversity and featured rising stars from all over the Southern and Midwestern scenes.  One of the best top-to-bottom wrestling cards of the year. 
  • Bizarro Lucha, Hatching The Egg - The debut event for this Indianapolis outfit was a huge hit.  Hatching The Egg combined traditional lucha libre match types with a punk rock atomsphere and presentation to make for one of the most entertaining and eccentric events anywhere on the indie scene in 2018. 
  • ACTION For The Armed Forces - The August offering from the Southern indie upstart ACTION Wrestling has been praised by fans of the promotion as their best event to date.  Featuring a wide array of Southeastern talent, the show serves as a strong sampler for fans looking to become more acquanted with that scene, and both Fred Yehi vs Arik Royal and AC Mack vs Austin Theory have been touted as among the best matches the region saw last year. 
  • Ground Zero, Champion - The final show of the year for the Southern California based Ground Zero saw the promotion crown their first ever champion in a one night tournament.  Champion is an excellent introduction to the SoCal indie wrestling as the card features veterans of the area like B-Boy and Tyler Bateman mixing it up with the next generation of West Coast stars like Eli Everfly, Jake Atlas and Andy Brown. 
  • Pro Wrestling Australia, Call to Arms - Those unfamiliar with the Australian independent scene should check out this event which is loaded with some of the top talent the country has to offer.  Many fans will rightfully be drawn to the Will Ospreay vs Robbie Eagles match on the card, but the Four Nations vs VeloCities tag bout, Madison Eagles vs Shazza McKenzie match, and cage match main event between Jonah Rock and Caveman Ugg serve to illustrate the diversity and quality PWA brings to the table. 
  • C*4 Wrestling, They Live - They Live was C*4's debut event in St. Anthony's Banquet Hall and the venue change certainly added to the grandeur of a promotion that has long been one of the best in Canada.  Main evented by an intense and out of control 4-way bout pitting Kobe Durst vs Eli Everfly vs Josh Alexander vs Matt Angel, the show proved to be a perfect kickstart to a new era in the companies history.