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Now Playing: Experience Uncanny Attractions Cinematic Wrestling on IWTV

Now Playing: Experience Uncanny Attractions Cinematic Wrestling on IWTV

Less than a week after it’s debut, Uncanny Attractions: The Wrestlers Take Manhattan has made quite a stir online. Boasting itself as the first fully cinematic wrestling show ever, the team behind Uncanny continue to deliver on their promise - providing an unique view on wrestling and the future, amplified by its mission statement for diversity in wrestling and the effort to always evolve.

Edited by the team of New Fear City Crew and GOPro Wrestling, “The Wrestlers Take Manhattan” features four different inspiring wrestling experiences with bonus cameos. From co-founder MV Young’s vaulting himself into the video game world to defend his Ring Light Championship against Big Game Leroy, to Nick Stapp’s well received journey for love and facing his fears through music, self reflection and an inspiration from Spike Jonze’s “Her.” The first of its kind wrestling experience is here to turn heads and provide fans with a new creative outlook and lens for wrestling.

“We’re overjoyed by the reception, with the hard work all our talent and crew has displayed this past two months and hope to create more during this pandemic,” producer Darnell Mitchell exclaims.

The plan is to release more cinematic experiences throughout the year, allowing for a truly safe space for wrestlers to perform and to break out of the status quo. With talks of cinematic future matches, and even flirting with a potential holiday horror film featuring wrestlers at the end of the year, owner Lynn Frailey hopes the fans enjoy their unique take and vision, their self proclaimed “wrestling on acid.”

“Wrestling is so big and grandiose but scared to break out of the norm. This pandemic has allowed us to be more creatively free than ever before. Wrestling is magic. We’re here to hopefully help it come up with new magic tricks,” Mitchell continues.

Watch “The Wrestlers Take Manhattan” by Uncanny Attractions, an all queer run wrestling promotion bonded by their determination for all inclusive wrestling shows, exclusively here on IWTV. Proceeds to this show until 9/16 will be donated to charity and you can enjoy their first cinematic match (MV Young VS Pinkie Sanchez) and their Wrestlemania weekend show from 2019 on demand with your IWTV subscription!