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Top 10 Challengers For The IWTV Independent Championship - June 2019 Edition

Top 10 Challengers For The IWTV Independent Championship - June 2019 Edition

For the second straight month, the IWTV Independent Wrestling Championship changed hands, as now former champion Kris Statlander lost the title back to Orange Cassidy (in controversial fashion) in her first defense of the title at the Beyond Wrestling Secret Show. With the title back in Cassidy's Jansport old rivals and challengers have reemerged, while other consistent contenders have held onto their spots. Here are the top ten contenders to the IWTV Championship as of June 30, 2019 and a few that just missed the cut.

#1 Craig Mitchell - Craig secured his spot as the number one contender by virtue of defeating Gary Jay at the Midwest Mixtape at the end of May. IWTV officials are inclined to leave Mitchell in the top spot until he gets his title opportunity, especially given the fact that he continued his winning ways in June, picking up big wins in Freelance and Southern Underground Pro.

Photo courtesy of Basil Mahmud

#2 Chris Dickinson - The "Dirty Daddy" finished third in last months rankings and is up to number two this month on the strength of his run on Beyond Wrestling's Uncharted Territory where he continues to be the dominant force of the weekly series. In June Dickinson picked up singles wins over Josh Alexander, Shane Mercer and Matthew Justice and should he be able to get past Daisuke Sekimoto at Americanrana 19 he will be as well positioned as anyone could be for an IWTV Title shot.

Photo courtesy of John Washer

#3 Jeremy Wyatt - The Gateway Heritage Championship is a title recognized in several major Midwestern promotions (most notably St. Louis Anarchy and Journey Pro) and Jeremy Wyatt has now held it for nine months with successful defenses against a huge variety of independent wrestling's top stars. "The Monarch" looks to make his second successful defense of the title against "Warhorse" Jake Parnell at St. Louis Anarchy's Circus Maximus live on IWTV on Friday, July 19. Should he do so a top spot for July may be warranted.

Photo courtesy of Basil Mahmud

#4 AC Mack - The current ACTION Wrestling Champion finds his way back into the top ten again and has a plausible claim for being the hottest prospect in the Southeast. In addition to holding the ACTION Title (which he recently successfully defended against Curt Stallion), Mack is undefeated in Southern Underground Pro and enters the 2019 Scenic City Invitational as one of the heavy favorites.

#5 Solo Darling - Solo Darling was on the bubble last month, but she debuts in the top ten this go around after another month of great performances and big wins. In particular she closed the month out strong with wins over JXT, Shotzi Blackheart and Heidi Katrina. Darling has tested herself more than almost anyone in 2019 and would no doubt prove to be a major test for the IWTV Champion should that day come.

Photo courtesy of John Washer

#6 Ethan Page - The reigning Freelance Wrestling World Champion successfully defended that title in both Freelance and Glory Pro in June, while also picking up a big victory in Black Label Pro over Gary Jay. "All Ego" is a star everywhere he goes and as the wins continue to mount an Independent Wrestling Championship bout is beginning to feel inevitable.

Photo courtesy of Basil Mahmud

#7 Jake Parnell - After a one month absence from the rankings, former number one contender "Warhorse" Jake Parnell returns to the top ten. Parnell made another successful defense of his Indiana State Championship in Black Label Pro in June and continues to be one of indie wrestling's fastest rising stars. The aforementioned bout with Jeremy Wyatt on July 19th could be make or break for the Warhorse.

#8 Eddie Kingston - Kingston won the Glory Pro Championship in June, ending the reign of Curt Stallion in dramatic fashion and earning himself a spot in the top ten for June. The hard nosed veteran has challenged Cassidy for the championship before, but may be in line for a second opportunity if he can keep his momentum going through the Summer.

Photo courtesy of John Washer

#9 RD Evans - After an extensive lobbying campaign that included heartfelt appeals and literal begging via cardboard sign, IWTV Officials relented and The Quitman will challenge for the Independent Wrestling Championship on July 28 at Beyond Wrestling's Americanrana 19. Though Evans has not been an active in ring competitor in some time, he's a creative mastermind (no matter what V_nce says) and shouldn't be underestimated.

Photo courtesy of Jimmy Jacobs

10 Logan Easton Laroux - The "champion of the one percent" made his presence known at Uncharted Territory, Episode Twelve when he ambushed IWTV Champion Orange Cassidy at the conclusion of the show. In December of 2018 LaRoux earned a championship opportunity and thus has a plausible claim that he's been overlooked. Fair or not, the sneak attack puts him back on the map.

Photo courtesy of John Washer

Close Calls

Former champion Kris Statlander had been the number one or two contender every month before winning the championship at the Midwest Mixtape, but the championship loss was followed by losses to Joey Janela and Josh Briggs, bumping her out of the top ten for the first time since we've been compiling the rankings...Thomas Santell had a hot two-month long run in The Discovery Gauntlet on Uncharted Territory before being defeated by Christian Casanova (due to interference from Cam Zagami) and IWTV officials want to see how he responds before putting him back into the mix....Paradigm Pro Champion AJ Gray picked up big wins in Glory Pro and Black Label Pro in June and is on the cusp of breaking into the top ten...Billy Buck beat up his boss and ACTION CEO Matt Griffin and followed it up with dozens of emails about how he should be included in this months rankings...Breaux Keller became Prime Time Pro Wrestling's first champion and is rising up the charts...Xtremely Serious Wrestling's Shawn From MIchael's continues to call out IWTV champion Orange Cassidy any time can, albeit in the most bizarre ways imaginable.