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Who's Under the Mask? Watch REVEALED: The Unmasked Wrestler

Who's Under the Mask? Watch REVEALED: The Unmasked Wrestler

IWTV's original series, The Masked Wrestler continues to make waves across the wrestling world and this week we are adding to the fun with the addition of Revealed: The Unmasked Wrestler.

A brief sampler showcasing featured matches from unsuccessful Masked Wrestler competitors, Revealed: The Unmasked Wrestler will be released each week immediately following The Masked Wrestler.

Last week on The Masked Wrestler the red-masked wrestler Skid defeated the white-masked Falcor with a thunderous chokeslam. Skid now joins Genkai in the semi-finals of the tournament.

Though he attempted to throw off his opponent and the panelists by performing as if he were Nick Gage, Falcor was unmasked and revealed to be the wildman from the woods, KTB.

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