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MATCH GUIDE: Nine Events Stream Live This Week On IWTV

MATCH GUIDE: Nine Events Stream Live This Week On IWTV

Nine events stream live on IWTV this weekend, featuring shows from AIW, Wrestling Open, ACTION, LVAC, SuperKrazee, Blitzkrieg!, KOBK, Stan Stylez Intergender Bonanza and Ruthless Pro.

The slate of shows will see a major IWTV Independent Wrestling Championship defense, a Cibernetico match, a sure to be bloody Body Count Battle, and the final match in the career of Avery Good, Professional Wrestler.

Thursday, 5/5, 7:30pm EDT - AIW presents Cibernetico De Mayo LIVE on IWTV!

  • Team Carrington vs Team Garrini
  • To Infinity and Beyond vs Members Only
  • Katie Arquette vs Joseline Navarro
  • Bang Bros vs 9-to-5
  • Money Shot vs The Von Engelands

Thursday, 5/5, 8pm EDT - Wrestling Open Episode 18 streams LIVE on IWTV!

  • SUP Bonestorm Championship: Alec Price (c) vs Brad Hollister
  • MORTAR vs Bobby Orlando
  • Love, Doug vs Eric James
  • Alex Reynolds vs Ryan Clancy

Friday, 5/6, 7:30pm EDT - ACTION Wrestling presents Jaw Breakers LIVE on IWTV!

  • IWTV Independent Wrestling World Championship: AC Mack (c) vs Anthony Greene
  • ACTION Championship: Kevin Ku (c) vs Ashton Starr
  • Alex Shelley vs Anthony Henry
  • ACTION Tag Team Championship: Violence Is Forever (Dominic Garrini and Kevin Ku) (c) vs The Skulk (Liam Gray and Adrian Alanis)
  • MERC vs Arik Royal
  • Air BnB (Bobby Flaco and Brogan Finlay) vs Suplex Science (Alex Kane and Damyan Tangra)
  • Jaden Newman vs Merrik Donovan

Friday, 5/6, 8pm EDT - LVAC presents Bash At The Brewery LIVE on IWTV!

  • Avery Good vs Abby Jane
  • Willow Nightingale vs Tracy Williams
  • Vita VonStarr vs Veda Scott vs Edith Surreal
  • Big Dan Champion, Lucky 13 and Bojack vs Puf, Erica Leigh and Boar

Saturday, 5/7, 12pm EDT - SuperKrazee Pro Wrestling presents Inner Demons IV LIVE on IWTV!

  • SKPW LIVE Championship: Adrien Soriano (c) vs Rayo
  • SKPW Tag Team Championship: Primal Fear (c) vs The Rep
  • SKPW Women's Championship: Debbie Kane (c) vs Damaris
  • Ruthless LaLa vs Karen BamBam
  • Marcus Mathers vs Encore vs Samael Fawzi
  • TJ Reno vs Duncan Aleem vs Devantes
  • The Lost Breed vs Prolific

Saturday, 5/7, 7pm EDT - Blitzkrieg Pro presents Look My Way LIVE on IWTV!

  • Alec Price vs Ethan Page
  • Dan Barry and Swoggle vs Jeff Cannonball and Dr. Cube
  • Manders vs 50 Cal
  • Max Caster and Bobby Orlando vs Miracle Generation
  • VSK vs Samuray Del Sol
  • The CDC vs Logan Black and The Hardcore Geeks

Saturday, 5/7, 8pm EDT - KOBK's Blood On My Jeans streams LIVE on IWTV!

  • Adam Priest vs AKIRA
  • Anthony Henry vs Arik Royal
  • AJ Gray vs Sean Campbell
  • MERC vs Ron Bass Jr

Saturday, 5/7, 8pm EDT - Stan Stylez Intergender Bonanza 12 streams LIVE on IWTV!

  • Chondo vs Miranda Gordy
  • Lowlife Louie vs Lady Blakely
  • Drew Blood vs Brittany Blake
  • Adonis Valerio vs Brian Bayside
  • Steve Scott vs Ariela Nyx
  • Darien Hardway vs Adena Steele
  • plus Sonny Kiss, Marcus Mathers, Stan Stylez and more!

Saturday, 5/7, 8pm EDT - Ruthless Pro and No Peace Underground present the Body Count Battle LIVE on IWTV!

  • No Peace Underground Championship: Parrow (c) vs Hoodfoot
  • Alex Shelley vs Kevin Blackwood
  • Death Match: Masada vs Tommy Vendetta vs Eric Ryan vs John Wayne Murdoch
  • Rustbelt Championship: Randi West (c) vs Kasey Kirk
  • Body Count Battle match

You can watch all nine events live with your IWTV subscription.