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LIVE this Week on IWTV - ICW Doubleheader, Beyond Wrestling, Uncharted Territory & more!

LIVE this Week on IWTV - ICW Doubleheader, Beyond Wrestling, Uncharted Territory & more!

Ten events stream live on IWTV this week featuring shows from Wrestling Open, Texas Contenders Series, PWF, Empire State, Blitzkrieg Pro, ICW, St. Louis Anarchy, Beyond Wrestling & Uncharted Territory.

Thursday, 11/16, 8pm ET - Wrestling Open Ep 98

  • Stetson Ranch vs BRG, Alec Price & Marcus Mathers
  • Kennedi Copeland vs Zayda Steel
  • Massimo Pesca vs MORTAR

Thursday, 11/16, 8:30pm ET - Super Texas Contenders Series 3:

  • New Texas Pro Championship: Stephen Wolf (c) vs Warren J
  • New Texas Pro Women's Championship: Danni Bee (c) vs Ray Lyn
  • Texas Contenders Series Championship: Jus X Nic (c) vs Jay Davis
  • New Texas Pro Tag Team Championship: The 8th Day (c) vs Friends In Low Places
  • Dustin Nguyen vs Prince Ly
  • Isaac Morales vs KC Kr'eme
  • Turbo Rumble

Friday, 11/17, 7pm ET - PWF presents Plymouth Rock Bottom:

  • PWF Oceanic & NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship: Colby Corino (c) vs Patrick Scott
  • PWF Undisputed Championship: Bojack (c) vs Atlas Morgan
  • Kaitlyn Marie vs Rob Killjoy vs Ryan Galeone
  • Ella Envy vs Chance Rizer
  • Sawdust & LDJ vs Fighters Club vs Cody Fluffman & ???
  • Tungsten Red vs Donnie Ray
  • Out Of This World vs The Path

Friday, 11/17, 7pm ET - Empire State Wrestling presents Wrestlebash XIII:

  • ESW Championship, Steel Cage Match: Kevin Bennett vs Vince Valor
  • Heath vs Crazzy Steve
  • ESW Tag Team Championship: High Seas vs CXR vs To Infinity & Beyond vs Edge Of Hope
  • Christina Marie vs Haley Dylan vs Vanna Black
  • Ilio Dipaulo Cup: Bill Collier vs James Sayga vs Channing Decker vs Gregory Iron vs Chris Adonis vs ???

Friday, 11/17, 7:30pm ET - Blitzkrieg Pro presents Fall Back Down:

  • Winner Takes All: Miracle Generation vs 35mm Magic
  • Sammy Diaz vs Akira
  • Sonny Kiss vs Dirty Dango
  • TJ Crawford vs Aaron Rourke
  • CPA vs Logan Black
  • The Haven vs Candy Wackerman vs Shook Crew vs Delta House
  • 50 Cal vs Danny Miles vs King Crab

Friday, 11/17, 8pm ET - ICW PitfighterX 18:

  • Jaden Newman vs Matt Tremont
  • Krule vs Isaiah Broner
  • Tommy Vendetta vs Tank
  • Anakin Murphy vs Gary Jay
  • Danny Demanto vs Shazza McKenzie
  • Sean Campbell vs John Wayne Murdoch
  • Hardway Heeter vs Reed Bentley
  • MM3 vs Dr. Redacted

Saturday, 11/18, 8pm ET - St. Louis Anarchy presents Mega Ticket 2023:

  • Gary Jay vs Shazza McKenzie
  • Destination Championship: Davey Vega (c) vs Everett Connors
  • Gateway Heritage Championship: Derek Neal (c) vs Aaron Williams
  • Ashlyn Alexander vs Madi Monarch
  • Mad Dog Connelly vs Anakin Murphy vs Rahim De La Suede vs Billy McNeil
  • Zakk Sawyers vs Victor Analog
  • Thomas Shire vs Tommy Davis
  • WARHORSE vs Mike Outlaw
  • Loser Wears A Potato Sack: KC Karrington vs Camaro Jackson

Saturday, 11/18, 8pm ET - ICW NHB 55:

  • American Deathmatch Championship: HoodFoot (c) vs Dr. Redacted
  • Jaden Newman vs Matt Tremont
  • Brett Ison vs Tank
  • Krule vs Adam Priest
  • The Goons vs The Rejects
  • MM3 & Tommy Vendetta vs KOBK (Sean Campbell & Hardway Heeter)

Sunday, 11/19, 3pm ET - Beyond Wrestling presents OK Corral:

  • IWTV Independent Wrestling World Championship: Alec Price (c) vs Marcus Mathers
  • Miracle Ones vs Channing Thomas, Little Mean Kathleen & Ted Goodz
  • Masha Slamovich vs Aaron Rourke
  • Faith In Nothing vs The Cogar Brothers
  • Ray Jaz vs Richard Holliday
  • Allie Katch vs Puf
  • Love Doug, Notorious Mimi & Landon Hale vs Hispanic Mechanics & Clara Carreras
  • Above The Rest vs RJ Rude & Rex Lawless

Monday, 11/20, 8pm ET - Uncharted Territory Season 5, Episode 3:

  • H2O Championship: Austin Luke (c) vs Deklan Grant
  • Key To The East Championship: Marcus Mathers (c) vs Brayden Toon
  • Deathmatch Discovery Gauntlet: Anthraxx vs Mouse
  • Jimmy Lloyd Mystery Scramble

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