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Live This Week On IWTV: Beyond, Expect The Unexpected & more!

Live This Week On IWTV: Beyond, Expect The Unexpected & more!

Eight events stream live this week on IWTV featuring shows from Wrestling Open, Texas Contenders Series, SHP, Remarkable Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Magic, Blitzkrieg Pro, Expect The Unexpected and Beyond.

Thursday, 2/23, 7:45pm EST - Wrestling Open streams LIVE on IWTV!

  • Eliminator Cup: Miracle Generation (c) vs Stetson Ranch (Steven Stetson and Alec Price)
  • Marcus Mathers vs Ichiban
  • Brad Hollister vs Ryan Clancy
  • Ray Jaz vs TJ Crawford
  • Chairs Are Legal: Tina San Antonio vs Layla Luciano
  • Open Door War: Stetson Ranch (Danny Miles & BRG) vs Brick City Boyz vs Locked & Loaded vs ??
  • Lumberjack Match: Pedro Dones & Mane Event vs Rex Lawless, Rip Byson & Perry Von Vicious
  • Andy Brown vs Dezmond Cole
  • Aysha vs Clara Carreras

Thursday, 2/23, 8pm EST - Texas Contenders Series 13 streams LIVE on IWTV!

  • Jus X Nick vs El Valdivia
  • Mysterious Q vs Rudy Garza
  • The 8th Day vs KC Kr'eme, Danny King and Dustin Nguyen
  • Isaac Morales vs Shimbashi vs Tommy Genesis

Friday, 2/24, 8pm EST - SHP presents 3 Years Later LIVE on IWTV!

  • Orin Veidt vs Dyln McKay
  • The Kirks vs The Ugly Ducklings
  • EFFY vs Conor Claxton
  • Bam Sullivan vs Lowlife Louie Ramos
  • Allie Katch vs Tim Donst
  • Matt Tremont vs Ryan Radix
  • Stan Stylez vs Bobby Orlando
  • Deklan Grant vs Ryan Redfield

Friday, 2/24, 8pm EST - Remarkable Wrestling presents Better Than The Best 2 LIVE on IWTV!

  • Steel Cage Warzone: Gabriel Skye, Tristen Thai, Miracle Generation and Cono Cappuccia vs Percy Ryan, Dezmond Cole, Ken Broadway and Fight Or Die
  • Remarkable Rumble
  • Remarkable Women's Championship: Tina San Antonio vs Christina Marie vs Clara Carreras vs Vicious Vicki

Saturday, 2/25, 6pm EST - Pro Wrestling Magic's I Believe In A Thing Called Love streams LIVE on IWTV!

  • Pro Wrestling Magic Championship: Kerr (c) vs Dark STG
  • Pro Wresting Magic Tag Team Championship: Death Row (c) vs Project Mayhem
  • Jr Heavyweight Championship: Vinny Pacifico (c) s Osito
  • Dark Arts Championship: Steve Off (c) vs Magic
  • Isaiah Wolf vs Vargas
  • Steve Pena vs Chris Barton
  • Dan Maff vs Alex Reiman
  • Joe Krule vs Vincent Michaels

Saturday, 2/25, 7pm EST - Blitzkrieg Pro's Plastic Cup Politics streams LIVE on IWTV!

  • Kevin Blackwood vs TJ Crawford
  • Bedlam Championship: Andy Brown (c) vs Allie Katch
  • Leary vs Gangrel
  • Ichiban, ??? & ??? vs Ryan Mooney, ??? & ???
  • 35MM Magic vs Team TNT w/D-Von
  • Bobby Orlando vs Dante Drago
  • King Crab vs 50 Cal vs CPA vs Delightful Dan The God Damn Candy Man
  • Haley Dylan vs Big Juicy

Sunday, 2/26, 3pm EST - Expected The Unexpected's Lightning In A Bottle streams LIVE on IWTV!

  • IWTV Independent Wrestling World Championship: Matt Tremont (c) vs AKIRA
  • TLC Match: Marcus Mathers vs Jordan Oliver
  • Danny Demanto vs Matt Cardona
  • The SAT vs Natural Vibes (Kzy and Big Boss Shimizu)
  • The Kirks vs YoKai
  • B3CCA vs Ultra Violette
  • plus Alec Price, Kevin Blackwood, Ken Broadway, Steve Pena and more!

Sunday, 2/26, 7pm EST - Beyond presents Perfection Or Vanity LIVE on IWTV!

  • Zack Sabre Jr vs Ryan Clancy
  • IWTV Independent Wrestling Tag Team Championship: Violence Is Forever vs Miracle Generation
  • Rickey Shane Page vs Ray Jaz
  • SLADE vs Andy Brown
  • Mane Event vs Above The Rest
  • Allie Katch vs Love, Doug
  • Ichiban vs Bobby Orlando vs Dezmond Cole vs Aaron Rourke
  • Max Caster vs CPA
  • Channing Thomas vs Thomas Santell

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