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PREVIEW: 3 death match shows in 3 days starting tonight!

PREVIEW: 3 death match shows in 3 days starting tonight!

Starting tonight, IWTV heads to Florida to stream three big death match events in three days.

First up is the IWTV debut of No Peace Underground at 8pm EST tonight (11/12) as they present their Body Count Count Battle event:

  • NPU Championship: Kit Osbourne vs Eric Ryan
  • SGC Civil Disorder 1: Manders vs AJ Gray
  • Snoop Strikes vs Jordan Oliver
  • Atticus Cogar vs EC3
  • Body Count Battle featuring Casnova Valentine, Otis Cogar, Lindsey Snow, Matthew Justice, Dominic Garrini, Eddy Only, Akira, Reed Bentley, John Wayne Murdoch, Allie Kat, Jimmy Lloyd, Alex Ocean, Orin Veidt, Sawyer Wreck and Neil Diamond Cutter

At 8pm EST tomorrow night (11/13) ICW Pitfight X4 takes center stage, featuring seven fights inside the pit:

  • John Wayne Murdoch vs Alex Ocean
  • AKIRA vs Nolan Edward
  • Dominic Garrini vs Eddy Only
  • Justin Kyle vs Bruce Santee
  • Neil Diamond Cutter vs SHLAK
  • Jimmy Lloyd vs Eric Ryan
  • Atticus Cogar vs Reed Bentley

Then on Saturday night (11/14) at 8pm EST ICW No Holds Barred Volume 8 streams live featuring a 60-minute Iron Man Death Match between Orin Veidt and John Wayne Mudoch plus:

  • Meng vs SHLAK
  • AKIRA vs Alex Ocean
  • Dominic Garrini vs Eric Ryan
  • Neil Diamond Cutter vs Atticus Cogar
  • G-Raver vs Eddy Only
  • Jimmy Lloyd vs Reed Bentley

In addition to the live events, New South's The Saga Continues will premiere tonight (11/12) at 8pm EST:

  • New South Championship, Strap Match: Donnie Janela (c) vs Derek Neal
  • Cabana Man Dan vs A Very Good Professional Wrestler
  • Jaden Newman vs Boomer Hatfield
  • Travis Huckabee vs Brandon Williams
  • New South Tag Team Championship: 2 Fly Ty and Dy-Lan vs Kenzie Paige and Dillon McQueen
  • Talladega Knights (Tyler Franks and Hunter Drake) vs Adam Priest and Steven Michaels
  • The Mongrel vs Devantes

Finally, Pizza Party Wrestling's OW! That's What I Call Wrestling premieres Sunday night (11/15) at 9pm EST:

  • Boomer Hatfield and Molly McCoy vs The Mane Event
  • Slade vs Big Game Leroy
  • Brad Rush vs Van Valley
  • Kidd Magic vs Oreo Speedwagon
  • Matt Makowski vs Kennedi Copeland

You can watch all these events and much, much more with your IWTV subscription.