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LIVE: H2O "Hustle Cup"

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H2O "Hustle Cup"

H2O presents the Hustle Cup LIVE on IWTV!

Hustle Cup First Round: Edward Hawkins vs Deklan Grant vs GG Everson vs Reid Walker
Hustle Cup First Round: Santiago vs Frank Bonetti vs Celcio Vega vs Austin Luke
Hustle Cup First Round: Adonis Valerio vs Duncan Aleem vs Leroy Robinson vs Marcus Mathers
Hustle Cup First Round: Nick Grande vs Anthraxx vs Rocket vs Darien Hardway
Rickey Shane Page vs Ryan Redfield
Bunkhouse Barbwire Brawl: Drew Blood vs Alex Stretch
H2O Tag Team Championship: Kristian Ross and Chris Bradley (c) vs The Extricated (Mouse and Aiden Baal and Mouse)
Frankie Pickard vs Eddy Only

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