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LIVE: H2O "Killdozer's Field Of Death"

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H2O "Killdozer's Field Of Death"

H2O presents Killdozer's Field Of Death LIVE on IWTV!

Supermarket Sweep Death Match: Brandon Kirk vs GG Everson
Light Tube & Fans Bring The Weapons Death Match: Matt Tremont vs Mouse
Hybrid Championship, Barbed Wired Boards Match: Jess Moss vs Frank Bonetti
Homerun Derby Death Match: Lowlife Louie vs Braxx
Taipei Death Match: Lady Blakely vs President Hawkins
Doors, Ladders & Chairs: Adonis Valerio vs Lucky 13
Thumbtacks & Carpet Strips Death Match: Leroy Robinson vs Anthraxx
Panes Of Glass: Alex Stretch vs Deklan Grant
Tapout Or Knockout: Kaos CTRL vs Duncan Aleem & Brian Neil

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