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LIVE: H2O "Hardcore Halloween"

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H2O "Hardcore Halloween"

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H2O presents Hardcore Halloween LIVE on IWTV!

WarGames: Matt Tremont, Jess Moss, Kasey Kirk, Sawyer Wreck and Masha Slamovich vs Mouse, Chris Bradley, Kristian Ross, Kennedi Copeland and ???
H2O Championship: Austin Luke (c) vs Manders
Tag Team Survival Gauntlet Eliminator
Adonis Valerio, Reid Walker and Eric Martin vs Brandon Kirk, Conor Claxton and Kit Osbourne
Steve Sanders, Dyln McKay, Ryan Radix and Sean Henderson vs Darien Hardway, Leroy Robinson, Frank Bonetti and Edward Hawkins
Jimmy Lloyd vs AKIRA vs Marcus Mathers
Death Match: Anthraxx and Alex Stretch vs Lowlife Louie and Neil Diamond Cutter

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