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LIVE: H2O "Bound By Blood"

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H2O "Bound By Blood"

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H2O presents Bound By Blood LIVE on IWTV!

H2O Championship: Colby Corino (c) vs Austin Luke
Danny Havoc Hardcore Championship, Cylinder Iowa Death Match: Brandon Kirk (c) vs Terra Calaway vs Neil Diamond Cutter vs Bam Sullivan
H2O Tag Team Championship: Red Dead Redemption (Ryan Redfield and Manders) vs GG Everson and Devantes
The Rep vs The Cogar Brothers
Kennedi Copeland vs Sawyer Wreck
Fans Bring The Weapons: HoodFoot and Matt Tremont vs Kristian Ross and Chris Bradley
Jimmy Chondo Lyon vs Casanova Valentine
Danny Demanto vs Deklan Grant
Rocket vs Marcus Mathers

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