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LIVE: DOA "What We Do In The Squared Circle"

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DOA Pro Wrestling

DOA "What We Do In The Squared Circle"

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DOA presents What We Do in The Squared Circle LIVE on IWTV!

DOA Grand Championship: Nick Radford (c) vs Brian!
DOA Pure Championship: Drake Kwon vs Thicc Ric Rodriguez
Last Team Standing: Flamin Aces vs The Dregs
DOA Tag Team Championship: Hammer Brothers (c) vs The Academy
Anton Voorhees vs JAIDEN the Unbelievable
Kel vs Ethan HD
HBQ vs Guillermo Rosas
Caleb Teninty vs Amira vs Murphy Madsen vs Troi Matic
Max Burnside & High 5 vs Rush Freeman, Big Ish & Rashad Tyson
Elimination Match: Konami Code, Marcus Eriks & ??? vs Def Threat, Joey Thorton & King Naja

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