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LIVE: Blitzkrieg Pro "Mandibles"

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Blitzkrieg Pro

Blitzkrieg Pro "Mandibles"

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Blitzkrieg Pro presents Mandibles LIVE from Wrestival on IWTV!

Bedlam Championship, Ladder Hell: King Crab vs Bobby Orlando vs TJ Crawford vs Bryce Donovan vs winner of CPA/Logan Black
Miracle Generation vs Grizzled Young Veterans
Matt Tremont vs Sonny Kiss
CPA vs Logan Black
Kevin Blackwood vs Sammy Diaz
Elimination Triple Threat: Perry Von Vicious vs Robert Martyr vs Alan Angels
Haley Dylan, Brooke Havok, Kaia McKenna & Kaitlyn Marie vs Dante Drago, Nick Robles, 50 Cal & Leary
35mm Magic vs Candy Wackerman

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