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LIVE: Blitzkrieg! Pro "4th Annual Luau"

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Blitzkrieg Pro

Blitzkrieg! Pro "4th Annual Luau"

Blitzkrieg Pro presents the 4th Annual Luau LIVE on IWTV!

Bedlam Championship: VSK (c) vs Alec Price
Blitzkrieg Tag Team Championship: MSP (c) vs Miracle Generation
Allie Katch vs Bobby Orlando
Anthony Greene vs Dirty Dango
Fans Bring The Pool Toys: Logan Black vs Chris Benne
Bryce Donovan vs Kirby Wackerman
Locked And Loaded (Dan Barry and 50 Cal) vs The CDC (Devantes and Juba)
Manders vs Riley Shepard vs Travis Huckabee vs Ichiban vs Jeff Cannonball vs CPA vs Andy Brown vs Angelo Carter vs JGeorge vs ???
The Haven (Shawn Knyte and Jay Onyx) vs A Message To You (Leary and Perry Von Vicious)

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