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LIVE: Black Label Pro "Turbo Graps 24 Show 1"

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Black Label Pro Wrestling

Black Label Pro "Turbo Graps 24 Show 1"

Black Label Pro presents Turbo Graps 24 LIVE on IWTV!

First Round: Anthony Henry vs David Young
First Round: Shun Skywalker vs Space Monkey
First Round: Levi Everett vs Colby Corino
First Round: Joshua Bishop vs Sawyer Wreck
First Round: Dustin Waller vs Myron Reed
First Round: Jungle Kyona vs Skye Blue
First Round: Crash Jaxon vs Isaiah Broner
First Round: Jake Something vs Big Damo
First Round: Trik Davis vs Cheeseburger
First Round: Erick Stevens vs Bryan Keith
First Round: Kylon King vs Gary Jay
First Round: WARHORSE vs Tom Lawlor

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